• Ingrained Patterns & Pathways

    Ingrained Patterns & Pathways

      Ingrained Patterns & Pathways is on show at Salt Spring Arts from 9 June – 10 July “That its barrenness becomes a thousand things” Line from “The Rock” by Wallace Stevens One poet that has influenced how I think about art is Wallace Stevens; two paintings in this series are inspired by his poems.…

  • Fragments; New Work

    Memory is fragmented. The cognizance of what we see is often fragmented and impressionistic from multiple points of view that create not so much a scene but a feeling, even a sensation or an abstract idea of something. These new works explore ways of showing these ideas in painting.

  • Infinity Patterns

    Infinity Patterns

    Infinity Patterns use a repetitive circular pattern as a starting point. Rosalie pushes against the boundaries of this simple pattern evoking an emotional and sensual connection to the material through the abstract components of composition, shape, colour and texture.     Blue Point A Collaboration with Shirely Graham My aim in this collaboration was to…

  • Salt Spring Idyll

    Salt Spring Idyll

    Like many before me, as a newcomer to the West Coast, I have been inspired by what was for me new flora and fauna, the forests and changing seasons. After moving to Salt Spring one of the first things I did was to sit out in the forest doing plein air studies of the scenes…

  • New Encaustic Paintings 2014-18

    New Encaustic Paintings 2014-18


  • Apis Mellifera

    Apis Mellifera

    1 2 ► I became a hobby beekeeper shortly after I began working in encaustic. My thought was that I would be able to collect wax for my paintings. I soon realized I needed a lot more wax than my few hives could produce. Nevertheless I quickly learned to love having honey bees in our…

  • Salvaged Artifacts & Stories

    Salvaged Artifacts & Stories

      August 22 – September 14 2014 Mahon Hall, 114 Rainbow Rd, Salt Spring Island Delving into historical documents is like exploring a culture so foreign that it seems incomprehensible. Assumptions made in the past are often completely contrary to what is believed today. Yet there is always something to latch on to, some thread…

  • Whalebones, Blubber & Other Relics of First Oil; Show at the Duthie Gallery

    Whalebones, Blubber & Other Relics of First Oil; Show at the Duthie Gallery

    April 4 – 29 2014 Duthie Gallery, Salt Spring Island In the early 17th century when European explorers first came across Bowhead whales around Svalbard they were so thick in the bays that the ships could hardly maneuver around them. Now the eastern pod of the Bowhead whale; also known as the Right Whale, because…

  • Encaustic Painting 2008-2014

    Encaustic Painting 2008-2014

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  • Garden and Land

    Garden and Land

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