The Blue Point; A Collaboration with Shirley Graham

Statement on the paintings created in response
to the poem The Blue Point by Shirley Graham

My aim was to evoke the emotional energy and structure of the poem without resorting to illustration. In previous work I have used this circle pattern as a starting point for exploring composition. It allows me to push against the boundaries of this rigid structure and create new patterns, new worlds within my paintings.

It was a joy discovering Shirley’s poetry. I had a hard time choosing which poem to use. I decided on Blue Point because its a powerful poem about a place right here on the island.

Salvaged Artifacts & Stories

  August 22 – September 14 2014 Mahon Hall, 114 Rainbow Rd, Salt Spring Island Delving into historical documents is like exploring a culture so foreign that it seems incomprehensible. Assumptions made in the past are often completely contrary to what is believed today. Yet there is always something to latch on to, some thread that brings one right back …

Whalebones, Blubber & Other Relics of First Oil; Show at the Duthie Gallery

April 4 – 29 2014 Duthie Gallery, Salt Spring Island In the early 17th century when European explorers first came across Bowhead whales around Svalbard they were so thick in the bays that the ships could hardly maneuver around them. Now the eastern pod of the Bowhead whale; also known as the Right Whale, because it was the right whale …

Tossed Ashore in a Spring Tide; Collective Works Gallery 2009

Spring is a time of re-growth in the sea as much as on the land. Strong winds and storms of early spring uproot seaweed, tossing it ashore in high tide; shiny and jewel like for a brief moment only to become decomposing matter by the end of the day. Chalk pastel is essentially a rich pigmented stick of dust. When …